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Accessories for bathrooms and toilets

The Pal series provides the finishing touch in a bathroom or toilet. These supplementary products contribute greatly to the appearance of the space and give it a unified look. This is an important choice in the search for a new bathroom or toilet.

A Complete Bathroom and Toilet

The Pal series adds the finishing touch to a bathroom or toilet. These complementary products significantly contribute to the overall look of the space and bring everything together. Think, for example, of a basin siphon or a plug in a washbasin. You can choose from round or square accessories that perfectly match the style of the rest of the room. This is an important choice in your search for a new bathroom or toilet.

Some Examples of Pal

Hotbath's complementary products are so beautiful that you'd want to display them. Here are some examples:

- Always open plug with screw (round)

Available in up to 13 finishes that match the colors of your bathroom faucets. This plug ensures your washbasin never overflows.

- Click plug with screw (round)

A round plug available in up to 13 finishes, matching the colors and shapes of your bathroom faucets. You can open and close this plug yourself.

- Round siphon

Choose a matching siphon for your washbasin (P035) or a basin faucet (P034). These are available in up to 13 different finishes.

Ask your bathroom advisor about all the possibilities of Pal. Our dealers are spread throughout the country and are happy to assist you.

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Complete your bathroom or toilet with complementary products. Looking for a siphon, washbasin or basin plug, or other products for your bathroom? Explore all the options:

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