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I fell in love with the brushed brass taps - Karlijn

The bathroom is my favourite space in the house

Do we go for safe choices in the bathroom, or do we choose something we're absolutely wild about? Karlijn and Daniel from Utrecht chose the latter. This resulted in a bathroom with green and marble tiles, brushed brass taps, plants and exceptional accessories. ‘The bathroom is my favourite space in the house.’


Who Karlijn Blaas (35, special needs teacher), Daniel van Dijk (36, business development) and daughter Aaf (2) Where Utrecht Property type terraced house of 156 m² beside the water Bathroom approx. 8 m². The bathroom was delivered in early May.

Karlijn would like to take a bath every day, but unfortunately, with her busy job and family, she doesn’t have time for this. But she does get a few baths during the week. Karlijn: ‘I usually bathe in the evenings and stay in it for about an hour and a half. For me, it's a wonderful way to relax. I have never had a bathtub in my life, so this is a dream come true. A neighbour recommended the bath mixer tap with a hand-held shower (Cobber B020). At first, I thought a hand-held shower would not be necessary with the bath, but now I think it’s an excellent idea. I use the hand-held shower a lot: I use it to rinse off the tub, wash my hair, and rinse the soap suds off me. It's also really convenient when our daughter Aaf is in the tub.’

Green, marble and taps of brushed brass

I love green, and I’ve always found marble tiles beautiful.

Karlijn and her boyfriend, Daniel, have lived in their house in Utrecht for two years. They initially decided to keep the bathroom the previous occupants had created. But when this began to show flaws after a while, they soon decided to make some changes. ‘You only ever buy a new bathroom a couple of times in your life, so it was a real treat to realise our plans.’ Karlijn and Daniel wanted a bathtub, a separate shower, a toilet and a wash-hand basin with two taps. ‘I wanted a tub, and Daniel had spotted a wash-hand basin with two taps he really liked. We are often in the bathroom together, especially in the evenings. It’s nice getting ready for bed at the same time.’ The couple were unsure whether they should go for the safe choices in the bathroom or what they found the most beautiful. They chose the latter.

‘Right now, we don’t want to leave here, and a bathroom that wasn't completely to our taste would never have kept us from buying a house. I already knew I wanted green and marble tiles. I love green, and I’ve always found marble tiles beautiful. At first, we were picturing the black taps from Hotbath in our bathroom. We found the Cobber series of taps gorgeous. When I saw all that was possible with Hotbath in terms of colours and how beautifully it was presented, I fell madly in love with the brushed brass taps. Through the material, the surfaces come alive, and the colour changes. The wash-hand basin taps (CB004) have already started to slightly change colour. I’m quite excited to see how they will look in a year or two; I’m sure they will be just as attractive. These truly are unique taps.’

Showering enthusiast

When two-year-old Aaf gets to choose, she prefers to take a shower over a bath. This is nothing strange, as her father is also more of a shower person. ‘Daniel has not taken many baths since our new bathroom was installed. He prefers to take showers. The main shower (M106) is concealed because we like this the best. We also have a shower bar with a hand-held shower (M307). So when we slide the hand-held shower to its lowest point, it’s the perfect height for Aaf. We don’t turn on the shower fully, so she is under a gentle stream of water. I use the hand-held shower myself when I don't want to get my hair wet.’

Plants complete the bathroom

Karlijn describes the atmosphere in her bathroom as having a living room vibe. There are many plants, and she has added some really special accessories. ‘We have a toilet roll holder, and a toilet brush in brushed brass from Hotbath. The plants really complete the bathroom. They are everywhere: on top of the bathroom cabinet, on the shelf beside the toilet, and the wooden shelves. Every now and then, I put them in the bath for a good watering for which the hand-held shower is handy!’

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