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The bathroom of Charis

Our bathroom is an oasis of calm where you enjoy the start of your day - Charis

Showering in an oasis of calm

After an extensive renovation job, Charis and Justin recently moved into their new house in the Barneveld district. The bathroom might be the room that has seen the most significant transformation. The almost 32,000 followers of Charis’ Instagram seem to think so too. The likes, enthusiastic reactions and questions are still the order of the day six months on!


Who Charis (25, interiors blogger and content creator, Charis at Home)) and Justin Otter (32, entrepreneur) and their children Lias (3) and Philou (10 months) Where Barneveld area Property type semi-detached home from 1980 Bathroom 15 m² Particulars By bringing a separate toilet into the bathroom and installing a dormer window, the bathroom has gone from dark and cramped to light and spacious

With two small children, mornings are never the same for Charis and Justin. The couple can easily walk into their bathroom from their bedroom. If their son Lias is still watching a film in his parent’s bed, Charis can take a quick shower while keeping an eye on him. Justin often leaves for work at the crack of dawn. Charis: ‘Some mornings, I shower with Lias and Philou in the double walk-in shower. The hand-held shower is great for rinsing them off or just playing with the water. Me, I always use the Cobber overhead shower Cobber M106. Justin is two metres tall, so the overhead shower had to be placed as high as possible. This was why we chose the shortest ceiling tube CB452.

Oasis of calm

We like to start our weekends gently and often take a bath, with all four of us

Charis and Justin fully renovated their 1980s house in just eight weeks. According to Charis, the bathroom might be the room that has seen the most significant transformation. ‘The original bathroom was a tiny, dark space with a little skylight window. It wouldn't surprise me if that bathroom was there when the house was first built. By incorporating a separate toilet into the bathroom and placing a four-metre-wide dormer window, the room changed dramatically from dark and cramped to light and spacious. Now our bathroom is an oasis of calm where we enjoy starting the day.

What used to be a separate toilet is now a double walk-in shower. Thanks to the dormer window, there was space for a free-standing bathtub and a double wash-hand basin two metres wide. We use the tub with the free-standing bath mixer tap CB077 almost daily. Sometimes, I put a little water in, and the children play happily for an hour or so. Unfortunately, I don't get to use it so often myself, but we love to start our weekends off gently and regularly take baths together.’

Japandi bathroom style with brushed brass

In their search for new taps, Charis asked her almost 32,000 Instagram followers for advice. They had black taps in their previous bathroom, but the coating flaked off very quickly. Now they wanted to invest in quality. ‘It's always good to know that other people have had good experiences with these things. Hotbath and one other brand were mentioned a lot by my followers. When we visited a bathroom fittings shop, Hotbath was preferred because of the many colours to choose from and the lovely finishes. The shop also recommended Hotbath to us, so it was an easy decision. The style we really liked for the bathroom was: Japandi. It’s a mix between sleek Scandinavian living and the warm Japanese style. Our brushed brass taps suited this look perfectly. They are finished with a PVD coating so that the colour stays nice. All the accessories are also from Hotbath and finished in brushed brass, the toilet brush and its holder, hand towel hooks, towel rack and even the toilet control panel. The control panel was an investment, but small details like this truly finish the bathroom. The toilet is now a beautiful object to look at. I often take photos of it for Instagram and my blog!’

Elegant concealed taps

Charis wanted to make her interior cohesive, and her bathroom gives her the greatest pride and satisfaction. ‘This room is the most finished and reflects how I want to complete the rest of the house. We used the same wood as the kitchen cupboards in the bathroom furniture to unify the interior. There is a sheet of natural stone (quartz) on it. The two streamlined Cobber concealed taps CB005 complete the picture. Since the bathroom was being fully renovated, it was quite easy to install concealed taps. I think it looks a bit classier than an installed wash-hand basin mixer tap. The control pans are mounted to the right of both taps, which makes for great ease of use. Justin and I each have our own side. It’s great!’

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