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The bathroom exudes calm and unity because we chose concealed taps for everything - Alex

Mini-wellness at the Zeeland coast

How do you make a bathroom for wellness? Alex and Miranda know all about this. The couple have considerable experience in renovations and knew exactly what they wanted in their new home spa. One of the things on their wish list was a sleek bath you could fill without a spout.


Who Alex van der Welle (34, technical service employee with a boat import company), Miranda van Klinken (33, nurse), Rebecca (8) and Noah (6) Where Bruinisse Property type free-standing house from the 1990s measuring 175 m² Bathroom approx. 8 m² Particulars After renovating the upper floor, the ground floor will soon be completely overhauled.

When Alex and Miranda started planning their new bathroom, they quickly agreed that the existing bathroom had to be completely removed. Not a terribly big thing, as this Zeeland couple were not afraid of going for a thorough house renovation. Alex: ‘We did one before and really enjoyed it. When we bought this house three years ago, the idea was to transform it completely to how we wanted it. It won't happen overnight, but we are definitely on the way to making this into our dream home. We’ve already done a lot of work on the upper floor and will start on the ground floor very soon. In any case, the bathroom has become the delightful room we had hoped for.’

Together in front of the mirror

We often go to bed at the same time, so we are usually together in front of the mirror.

After spending evenings searching online, Alex came across Hotbath. ‘I was looking for taps with a very clean appearance, and the Hotbath series appealed to me right away. The Cobber series stood out in particular. In terms of finish, we weren't sure about black or copper, which we found to be a bit too trendy. We eventually went for brushed nickel. It’s a timeless finish and still looks great after a couple of years.

We started with the wash-hand basin, where there would be concealed taps. We loved the look of a tap with a spout coming out of the wall. We often go to bed at the same time, so we are usually together in front of the mirror. The children also go to bed at the same time. The double wash-hand basin gives us more than enough space. Later, we got the idea to go for concealed taps for the walk-in shower and the bathtub. And now, the bathroom exudes calm and unity.’

Bath overflow that can handle anything

A bathtub was high on this Zeeland couple’s wish list. They didn’t have one in their previous home, and now they couldn’t live without one. ‘Miranda takes at least one bath a week. She sets up her tablet on the wooden shelf I made for the purpose and watches a film or a series. And the children can't get enough of it. They stay in the tub until the water gets cold. I really like that the bath is filled using the overflow instead of a tap. It’s a very sleek bath, and I find it more attractive if there is no tap outlet over the tub. With the bath overflow Pal PO33 , also in brushed nickel, you operate the plug, fill the tub, and remove excess water. In this way, you can fill the bath silently, and there’s no sound of water falling into the tub. There's a hand-held shower in the niche that you can pull out to rinse yourself off after your bath. This is also where the control panel is located, where you can operate the overflow and the shower.

Walk-in shower with allure

Alex and Miranda wanted to make their bathroom into a calm cohesive whole with beautiful materials. Among the items they chose were polished concrete behind the wash-hand basin and golden tiles by the showers. ‘The golden tiles are eye-catching without being garish. We have a herringbone pattern on all the floors upstairs, and we like that this is continued into the bathroom. The bathroom feels a little like a wellness spa, certainly with the Sunshower hidden in the corner of the walk-in shower. When you turn it on, it’s like you’re standing right in the sun. The overhead shower has a pretty large diameter of 30 cm, which is wonderful if you have time for a long shower. In the mornings, we also use the hand-held shower, which has a good strong flow. The hand-held shower can be set to different heights thanks to the separate shower bar. This is particularly handy with children. They absolutely love showering and especially playing and messing around with water. If it were up to them, they would stay there for hours!

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