Warrenty and rates

Repairs Covered by the Warranty

A warranty period of 60 (sixty) months applies to Hotbath products, with the exception of electronic components of Products, which carry a warranty of 24 (twenty-four) months. If a legally valid claim is made under the warranty, the correction of defects is usually free of charge. The warranty provided by Hotbath is in accordance with the Hotbath Warranty Conditions, which can be consulted here.

Repairs Not Covered by the Warranty

For repairs to Products not covered by the warranty, the Client will be charged call-out charges, labour costs and the costs of any materials. Repairs are not covered by the warranty if the relevant warranty period has expired or if no legally valid claim can be made under the warranty pursuant to article 4 of the Warranty Conditions.

The rates for repairs not covered by the warranty are:

  • Call-out charge: €80 (incl. VAT) Labour: €20 (incl. VAT) for every fifteen minutes Service calls by a technician are offered only in the Netherlands, with the exclusion of the West Frisian Islands [Waddeneilanden].
  • If the Client decides against the repair less than 24 hours in advance or does not agree to the (initial or revised) cost estimate in accordance with article 11 of the Conditions of Service, or if the Client rejects a repair request in accordance with article 8 of the Conditions of Service, Hotbath will charge the Client only the call-out charge. [under Dutch law; garantie]

Warranty conditions


Manufacturing Defects: defects to the products established by Hotbath and/or its suppliers.

Hotbath: Hot Bath B.V., registered with the Chamber of Commerce in

Den Haag, [The Hague, the Netherlands] under number 27 28 30 30.

Products: all Hotbath products sold in the Netherlands and Belgium.



Hotbath offers a warranty on the Products in accordance with these Warranty Conditions. The service provided by Hotbath under these Warranty Conditions is subject to the Conditions of Service, which can be consulted here.

Warranty Period

The warranty period for Hotbath Products is 60 (sixty) months after purchase of the Product, unless specifically stated otherwise in the Catalogue. An exception to this period applies to electronic components of Products, which carry a 24 (twenty-four) month warranty. Products with a BL or WH finish come with a 60 (sixty) month warranty on the finish.


All defects to Products which can demonstrably be traced back to a Manufacturing Defect and arise within the relevant warranty period stated in article 3, will be corrected by Hotbath free of charge, subject to the conditions below, provided Hotbath is notified of the defect immediately after its discovery (the “Warranty”)

A. The correction of defects is done in such a way that any defective parts are either repaired or replaced by new parts, at Hotbath's discretion. If a repair or replacement is not possible, Hotbath will refund the amount actually paid for the Product. The assessment of whether a Product is defective will be based on the technical standard applicable on the manufacturing date.

B. If a defect cannot be resolved by Hotbath within a reasonable period or the repair is unreasonably delayed, Hotbath will, if so requested, provide the required replacement parts free of charge. If the product is not/no longer available, this product will be replaced by an item of the same value. When providing a replacement Product, Hotbath reserves the right to charge a reasonable usage fee for the use [of the Product] up to that point.

C. If a valid claim is made under the warranty, Hotbath will not charge any costs in the first year after delivery of the Product. From the second to the fifth year after delivery of the Product, Hotbath will charge only the call-out charge as stated on the Website.

D. Our warranty does not cover:

  • Damage caused intentionally
  • Damage resulting from carelessness, inadequate and/or negligent maintenance, improper use of anti-limescale products and/or anti-scaling systems, and/or contact with substances which the Products cannot withstand.
  • Damage resulting from disregard for the instructions for fitting, installation, assembly, use and/or maintenance applicable during assembly
  • Damage or failures caused by the chemical and electrochemical effect of water, the effect of limescale and/or dirt
  • Damage resulting from external influences which negatively affect the installation or configuration (e.g. too high or negative water pressure, water shock) or damage caused by not following the installation instructions provided by Hotbath
  • Damage to materials which are subject to wear and tear, such as filters, check valves, rubber seals, gliders and shower hoses
  • Slight deviations in so far as these have no substantially negative effect on the appearance and functionality of the Products, including scratches to the surface
  • Any form of transport damage
  • Products purchased by the end user as showroom models

E. A claim under the warranty will lapse:

  • If a correction or repair is carried out by persons not authorised by Hotbath
  • If the Products are fitted with any parts, additions or fittings other than original parts

F. The removed and defective parts/Products must be returned, carriage paid, to Hotbath at the address stated on the website, with an accompanying letter.

G. Replaced parts will become the property of Hotbath.

Claim under the Warranty

In order to make a claim under the warranty, the original invoice or receipt for the the relevant Product, with the purchase date clearly legible, must be submitted to Hotbath. The warranty period stated in article 3 will not be renewed or extended as a result of a repair or supply of [replacement] parts.


For consumers, these warranty conditions do not affect the statutory warranty rights, including the right to free repair or replacement.

Conditions of Service


Conditions of the Guarantee: The conditions of the guarantee from Hotbath can be referred to here.

Hotbath: Hot Bath Ltd., registered under number 27 28 30 30 at the Chamber of Commerce, The Hague, the Netherlands.

Client: the end user of a Product or the Hotbath dealer who requests a service or repair visit from Hotbath.

Product: all Hotbath products sold in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Conditions: these Conditions of Service.


These Conditions apply to repairs carried out under the Conditions of the Guarantee or outside the guarantee.


The Client can make a service request via the service form on the Website. After the service form is submitted to Hotbath, an automatically-generated email message with a confirmation of receipt and a service number of the service request follows.


Hotbath shall assess the service request received and investigate to establish the cause of the disruption or interruption and determine whether any faults come under the guarantee or not. Hotbath shall also investigate whether the Product has been installed according to the installation instructions provided with the Product, and is used according to the instructions for use, also provided with the Product.

Based on the result of the investigation and upon the evaluation by Hotbath, Hotbath shall fulfil your service request by providing advice by telephone, sending you a replacement part or sending you a service technician. If it turns out that the Product was not installed according to the installation instructions or is not used as per the instructions for use, Hotbath will carry out repairs at the Client’s own expense and risk.

Time frame and duration of service visit by a technician

If a service technician is to be deployed, Hotbath shall make every effort to inform the Client within two working days after the service request is made, on which date and time the service technician’s visit will take place.

Service visit by a technician

A service visit by a technician only applies within the Netherlands, with the exception of the Wadden Islands.

If, based on the service request, Hotbath cannot establish whether the Product was installed according to the installation instructions supplied with the Product and is used according to the instructions for use supplied with the Product, then the technician shall assess this on-site. If it turns out that the Product was not installed according to the installation instructions or is not used as per the instructions for use, Hotbath will carry out repairs at the Client’s own expense and risk. If during the repairs, it turns out that through unforeseen circumstances, the work cannot reasonably be carried out at the cost budgeted, or if additional work is necessary, a revised indication of the costs shall be made in consultation with the Client.


The service visit is carried out based on the conditions below:

  1. The concealed tap parts must always be accessible.
  2. Our service technician will not carry out any demolition work.

If the conditions set out in article 7 cannot be met, the technician shall refuse the repair request, and no repair work shall be carried out. If the technician reaches this conclusion during the assessment, then the call-out fee shall be charged as stated on the Website.


In the event of a valid claim on the guarantee, the repair of defects is free of charge. For repairs to Products outside the guarantee (term), rates shall apply as stated on the Website.


Payment occurs on-site and exclusively through PIN transactions (card payments only).

Abandonment of repairs

If the Client cancels repairs less than 24 hours in advance or disagrees with the revised indication of costs, Hotbath shall charge the Client the call-out fee as stated on the Website.

Damage and liability

If damage has occurred to persons or property which may be caused by a Product, Hotbath must be informed of this in writing immediately and without delay. The Product in question must be sent to Hotbath for evaluation. If it is not possible to send the product as it is concealed (built-in), Hotbath shall carry out the assessment on location. The costs of this are borne by Hotbath.

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