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For a luxurious experience

For those looking for a tap that's a little bit different: this is Friendo—a stylish tap with smooth lines that enhances a luxurious ambience in your bathroom. The taps with a cascade outflow provide an authentic wellness experience in the bathroom. Friendo is easily maintained and an excellent choice for connoisseurs of design.

A Faucet That's Anything But Standard

If you're looking for a bathroom faucet that stands out and is truly unique, choose Friendo. It's an elegant faucet with clean lines that provides a luxurious experience. Some faucets in this series feature a cascade spout, allowing water to flow into the basin like a waterfall, creating a true spa-like feeling at home. Additionally, the faucet is easy to handle and its design makes it an excellent choice for design enthusiasts.

The Faucet That Matches Your Style

Will you combine a high basin mixer with a cascade spout with an elegant basin or have the faucet wall-mounted for an even sleeker look? It's also possible to install the faucet on the floor as a bathtub mixer, for a truly high-end appearance. Taking a bath will feel just like a spa experience. Choose the configuration that best matches your style, personal preferences, and your bathroom.

The Benefits of Friendo

Friendo has a chic feel and is available in various configurations. Here are the unique features of this faucet:

  • Available with a luxurious cascade (waterfall) spout
  • Easy to use
  • Choice of chrome and brushed nickel finishes
  • Provides a wellness experience
  • Sustainable: no water wastage thanks to the Flower Power System
  • Can be installed and placed in three ways thanks to the 3+3 system
  • Plumber friendly: easy to install
  • 10-year warranty on the high-quality internals from Flühs

Ask your sanitary advisor about all the features of Friendo. Our dealers are spread throughout the Netherlands and are happy to assist you.

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A luxury bathroom faucet with a waterfall spout? Choose Friendo. This stylish faucet with a cascade spout is easy to use and is available in chrome and brushed nickel. Get inspired:

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