Hotbath kranenserie Fellow


Kitchen Faucets in All Shapes and Sizes

The Fellow series is specially designed for the kitchen. These kitchen faucets have the quality, ease of use, and design that you are accustomed to with Hotbath. This makes it possible to create unity in an interior. For example, choose kitchen faucets in the same colors and materials as in the bathroom. When it comes to design and functionality, there is a wide range of models and types of finishes to choose from. Some kitchen faucets are even available in fifteen different finishes. Opt for high-quality quality, even in the kitchen.

The Benefits of Fellow

From the Netherlands and Belgium's leading faucet specialist, a line of kitchen faucets was a natural addition. Here are some advantages of the Fellow faucet series:

  • Specially designed for the kitchen
  • Equipped with practical features such as pull-out hand showers
  • Some faucets are available in up to thirteen colors
  • A wide range of models and finishes to choose from
  • Italian craftsmanship
  • No waste of hot water thanks to the Flower Power System
  • 10-year warranty on the internals (Flühs parts)

Ask your kitchen advisor about all the features of Fellow. Our dealers are spread throughout the country and are happy to assist you.

Want to see more of this unique Fellow faucet series? Get inspired and start combining now!

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