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Dude - Faucet as in the bathroom

This is the series where it all started for Hotbath. The faucets have been perfected to the finest detail, offering a wide range of models and finishes. A large number of basin faucets are available in fifteen different finishes. This way, you can experience the same comfort and design in both the bathroom and the toilet.

A Hotbath basin faucet in the toilet

Do you want a basin faucet with the same design as your bathroom faucets? Then choose the Dude series from Hotbath. This series offers a wide range of models and finishes. Some basin faucets are even available in fifteen finishes. The faucets have been perfected to the finest detail. Thanks to this series, it is possible to enjoy the same design and comfort in the toilet as in the bathroom.

The benefits of the Dude faucet

The faucet series is characterized by a huge variety of models, finishes, and colors. Here are some advantages of Dude:

  • Perfect for a minimalist bathroom
  • Cubist appearance
  • Available in chrome or brushed nickel
  • Durable: no water wastage thanks to the Flower Power System
  • Can be mounted and placed in three ways thanks to the 3+3 system
  • Easy to install
  • 10-year warranty on the high-quality internals produced by Flühs

Ask your sanitary advisor about all the features of Dude. Our dealers are spread throughout the country and are happy to assist you. Find the nearest dealer.

A basin faucet for every style

In the smallest room in the house, you also want to enjoy comfort and design. The Dude series offers a tremendous variety of faucets. The faucets are pure Italian craftsmanship and of the highest quality.

Colorful basin faucet

Some basin faucets are available in up to fifteen different colors. How about a basin faucet in antique brass, matte black, or brushed copper?

Are you looking for a basin faucet? Get inspired!

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