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Frequently asked Questions

####How can I submit a service request Ask a question or submit a service request? This is only possible and easy via our service form.

I have a malfunction but I don't know what to do?

Please contact us via our service form so that we can handle the malfunction efficiently.

I am not satisfied with my products, how can I get in touch with the right department?

That is of course a pity to hear! Use our service form for a quick handling of the complaint. Our after-sales department will contact you as soon as possible.

Where can I order Hotbath parts?

Order all Hotbath parts quickly and easily via our own webshop.

Where can I buy Hotbath products?

Hotbath taps and accessories are available through one of our 450 affiliated dealers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Find our nearest point of sale here.

Is your question not listed here? Then use the form below to get to the right department.

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