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Cobber @Work

Industrial at its Best

This unique faucet series stands out with a striking design that fits perfectly in industrial and minimalist bathrooms. With its robust appearance and characteristic gear handle, Cobber @Work brings unparalleled style and functionality to any bathroom. The Cobber @Work series is available in four impressive finishes, each creating a unique ambiance: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Matte Black and Brushed Brass PVD.

Unique design

The most distinctive aspect of the Cobber @Work series is undoubtedly the handle in the shape of a gear. This unique design detail gives the faucets a bold, industrial look that immediately catches the eye. The gear handle is not only an aesthetic choice but also provides excellent grip, enhancing the usability of the faucet. The robust construction and solid feel of the faucets emphasize the durability and reliability of this series.

Perfect for industrial and minimalist bathrooms

The Cobber @Work series truly shines in both industrial and minimalist bathrooms. In an industrial setting, the gear-shaped handle harmonizes perfectly with raw materials like concrete, brick, and metal. The faucets add a touch of refinement without disrupting the rough, unpolished aesthetic. In a minimalist bathroom, Cobber @Work provides a stylish contrast with its bold, mechanical forms set against a backdrop of simplicity and serenity.

Ask your sanitary advisor about all the features of Cobber @Work. Our dealers are spread throughout the country and are happy to assist you.

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