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Hotbath Faucets: A Synonym for Style and Functionality

Italy, the land of art, culture, and refined aesthetics, is renowned for its ability to transform everyday objects into valuable works of art. This holds especially true for Italian bathroom faucets by Hotbath, which strike a perfect balance between elegance, functionality, and innovation.

Hotbath faucets are characterized by sleek lines, subtle details, and high-quality materials. These traits are beautifully manifested in bathroom faucets that often serve as the focal point of the space. Whether you adore a classic look or lean towards a modern and minimalist design, Italian bathroom faucets offer a plethora of choices that cater to every taste. They add a touch of Italian elegance and sophistication to every bathroom!

Product Assortment

Hotbath's journey of success commenced with the Dude basin faucet, which rapidly expanded into a comprehensive series of basin faucets. Presently, our product assortment encompasses a diverse collection of series that encompass bathroom, toilet, and kitchen faucets, catering to a myriad of styles. Furthermore, certain series have been extended to incorporate complementary accessories. Explore our entire product assortment!

Featured Series:

Hotbath kranenserie Archie

Archie | Man of Steel

Archie, a robust and stylishly designed faucet. This series is crafted in high-quality Stainless Steel 316 and now also available in 3 new PVD finishes. Stainless Steel 316 represents the finest quality stainless steel, ensuring years of enjoyment with this faucet.

Hotbath kranenserie Cobber

Cobber | Most Colorful Series

For those in search of a colorful faucet, the Cobber series is an absolute must-see. This series comprises trendy design faucets that blend form, innovation, and color. Available in a staggering 13 finishes, including the stunning Living Colour range.

Hotbath kranenserie Gal

Gal | Refined Robust Faucets

Ease and perfection are the foundation of this new series, bringing together years of experience and expertise from Hotbath professionals. Gal offers high-quality materials and Flühs internals, with a 10-year full warranty.

Italian Craftsmanship

The production of all faucets and accessories takes place exclusively around the idyllic Lake Orta in Italy. This region is home to the finest faucet specialists in the world. The producers and manufacturers around the lake are renowned for their years of expertise in metalworking, chrome plating, thermostat technology, and assembly. They exclusively use high-quality materials such as brass and stainless steel, ensuring that the faucets withstand intensive daily use.

True Italian craftsmanship is employed in the production of the faucets. All products are meticulously handcrafted and tested, with a strong emphasis on quality. For instance, the brushed finish on all products is applied by hand, creating a unique artisanal appearance. This attention to detail results in a range of beautifully crafted and high-quality products. Let yourself be inspired!

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